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A beginner course for piano

We are studying the basics of piano, developing basic techniques (fingerings, sight reading skills etc.). We approach piano also from the free improvisation aspect and experimenting with different sounds and improvisational stories. The course is suitable for beginners or for those who have been playing for just a little while.


A follow-up course for piano

We deepen the management of the instrument skills, playing technique, sight reading and the expressive skills. The repertoire features a variety of classical hits, movie and pop/jazz tunes. We learn the basics of the chord based accompaniment. The course suits the players who know piano basics.


Advanced: free accompaniment and improvisation

Are you an advanced pianist/ keyboard player and you need more comping skills and some new colors to your chords? We work together through the theory of music, the development of extended chords and different musical styles as well as the basics of piano improvisation. It's great for you who want to learn better to accompany singers with piano or you're interested in playing in a band.