Audio branding is a brand building process that involves designing and implementing an individual voice identity for the company. Various sound elements - such as sound logos, brand music, soundscapes, and background music - will be utilized as planned in the brand communication.


Do you need to build or renew a comprehensive voice identity for your business? Or do you want to strengthen your business's visual message with audio, for example, by subscribing to background music for your webpage, audio logo, or do you need music for your commercial video? 

I offer a variety of music and sound solutions for business use in communications, contact me for more information.

Sound is always part of an organisation's identity, whether it is specifically designed or not. At its best, utilizing the possibilities of sound, it is possible to increase the efficiency of the company's communications and promote the building of a stronger, more unified brand identity.

Music: composing, production/ Satu Kolehmainen

Video: Niko Raappana/ Valokuvaamo Skopix

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